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OUR artists 

We have shows every friday and saturday night, from 21h.

Beautiful shows brought to you by our very own Burlesque Bar performers,

as well as (international) guest perfomers.

Meet the Burlesque Bar performers: 

Eliza Kama

january: 25th

Miss Behave

january: 3rd

Ripley brown

january: 4 and 10th

Louiza Silver

january: 17th 

Big Daddy D


Nini a Lure

Porcelain Peach

january 4, 10 and 18th


january 18th and 31st

Pearl Ivy

january: 10th

Palmyra La Diva

january: 4 and 25th

Lady Mali Boo

january 10th, 24th

Lady Vengeance

Lou lou la Belle

january 24 and 31st

Domina ex Machina

january: 17th 

Lilith D'Licious

january 18th and 24th