Guest performers

You can find our upcoming international/ headline performers below.

We have shows every friday and saturday, by our Burlesque Bar artists.

Click on the artists photo to go to the facebook event for more info!

yana burlesque bar antwerp.jpg

Miss Yanalastrina

january 11th

sylvia rose burlesque bar.jpg

Sylvia Rose

february 1st

biba belula burlesque bar.jpg

Miss Biba Belula

february 21st

mortimer moonbender burlesque bar.jpg

Mortimer Moonbender

March 6 th 

bunny de lish tea time burlesque bar.jpg

Bunny D'lish

July 10 & 11th

nefertari fans burlesque bar dance.jpg


october 17th

halloween party burlesque bar.jpg

Halloween Party

with guest performerManon Lilev 

october 31st

EllaBRouge burlesque bar red boa.jpg

Ella Bottom Rouge

january 25th

athena thrill me.jpg

Valentine Party 

with Athena Thrill me

february 14th

drag burlesque dancing burlesque bar.jpg

Drag X Burlesque  

by Bunny Burlesk 

february 28th

ladies night bb.jpg

Ladies Night! 

March 7th

sibyl vane performer burlesque bar.jpg

Miss Sybil Vane

october 10th

miss lazy red cheeks burlesque bar.jpg

Miss Lazy Red Cheeks

october 30th


Betty L'amour

november 21st

lolita va voom burlesque bar.jpg

Lolita Va Voom

coming soon

trixie blue burlesque bar.jpg

Trixie Blue

coming soon

mademoiselle trishette burlesque bar ant

Mademoiselle Trishette

coming soon

madame fortress burlesque bar

Madame Fortress

coming soon

The Burlesque bar by Kama
Oudaan 15/29 2000 Antwerpen
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