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about burlesque  BAR 

Located in the heart of Antwerp, we created our own little Burlesque world:

- Burlesque shows

- Sweets and treats 

- Glamourous cocktails

- Vintage feminine decor

- Special events, workshops, photoshoots & (private) Party's.

We celebrate womanhood and encourage women to bring out their inner showgirl.

Dress up and enjoy a Burly night out: with girlfriends, or as a unique date night.

About the founder:

Eliza Kama  is a passionate burlesque showgirl, teacher and owner of Kama burlesque since 2013.

(kamaword.be and burlequeshop.be)

She is on a mission to introduce burlesque to a wider audience, break the taboo and celebrate womanhood and sensuality. 

With any questions, send us an email: welcome@burlesquebar.be

Or pay us a visit: Burlesque bar, Oudaan 15/29, 2000 Antwerp

We hope to welcome you soon!